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Pipe Supports

Pipe Supports

Pipe Clamps A bolted pipe attachment which clamps around the pipe to connect the pipe to the remainder of a pipe hanger assembly.
Pipe Shoe Normally a tee section attached to the pipe or a pipe clamp to transmit the load or forces to the adjacent structure.

KaMOS® Patented RTJ,BX,RX Gasket

KaMOS® TestSealRing
KaMOS® method of leak testing of flanges with ring joints measuring whether tightness has been achieved on all sealing surfaces of flange before the flange and pipe are subjected to internal pressure, as well as monitor the flange connections for future leakages.

The KaMOS® test system will also check the primary and secondary sides of the seal for tightness. Other leak testing methods that is used today cannot distinguish these two sides, only if it is tight or not.
Gasket Non-Asbestos and Semi -Metallic Gaskets can be supplied from stock whilst Metal Gaskets and Flange Insulation Sets can be supplied in urgent timescales at very competitive rates.
Clamps and Attachments
Victaulic Products

Coupling, Grooved Fittings, Grooved Valves

Victaulic piping system are safe, efficient and cost-effective, eliminating hazardous welding and lowering risk during installation.

Style 77 Flexible Coupling

  • Cross-ribbed, two piece housing construction
  • Sizes from ¾ – 24″ | DN20 – DN600
  • Pressures up to 1000 psi | 6895kPa | 69 bar