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Vibration 80 to 200 cycles per second under 6,000 psi
High Temperature Service experience to 1,700° F (927° C)
Low Temperature Routine liquefied gas service including liquid hydrogen and nitrogen to -425° F (-254° C)
Thermal Shock Routine service temperature changes up to 300° F (149° C) per hour
Corrosion Liquid sodium service at 1,200° F (649° C)
Zero Leak Rate 10-6 atm cc/s Helium
High Pressure 48,000 psi @ 600° F (316° C )

Butt weld and blind hubs

Hubs are coated with a rust preventative to provide protection against corrosion during transport and storage. Also hubs are provided with protective covers on the hubs face to protect against mechanical damage of the seal area.

Carbon and low alloy steel hubs can be provided with Electroless Nickel Plating. This will provide protection for the critical hub and sealing areas during storage, welding and assembly, and some degree of corrosion protection during operation. Electroless Nickel Plating is not applied to the butt weld end of the hub.


all carbon and low alloy steel Grayloc clamps are supplied with a coat of primer or thin paint intended to provide protection against corrosion during transport and storage. Corrosion resistant alloy clamps are not coated unless otherwise specified.

On request clamps can be provided with a range of coatings, generally customer specified, for example PTFE, hot dip galvanising, zinc or nickel plated.


The coating of the bolting is generally customer specified and will provide corrosion protection during transport and storage. Typical coatings include zinc, hot dip galvanising PTFE etc. Uncoated bolts are oiled.

Seal rings

Seal rings are supplied in individual cardboard boxes to protect them during transportation and storage. It is recommended that the seal rings remain in these boxes prior to use. Sealrings are provided with a dry lubricant coating, typically PTFE or MoS2 w/graphite. This coating is for lubrication of the seal ring during installation, but also provides some corrosion protection during shipment and storage.